- Christina Tuor

The first Swiss Sermon Award

“The Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches is launching a Swiss Sermon Award”. This legislative goal of the Council, which is meant to boost public interest in the art of preaching, is now to be put into practice.

- Otto Schäfer

What does a sermon do?

“A sermon is quite like opium to me,” Elizabeth Charlotte of the Palatinate confessed in one of her letters. She had made it her habit to take naps in church.

- Barbara Grass, Church and Tourism Commission, Regional Protestant Church of Graubünden

Good ideas need to be shared – a platform for Christian project ideas

People are often open to entertaining profound issues when they are away on holiday, and are more interested in visiting churches and in church offerings there. Many congregations provide interesting projects that connect both church and tourism, catering to this area of interest.

- Serge Fornerod

The Reformation “brand”

As is well known, the Reformation had a considerable influence on the history, culture, and political structure of Switzerland, leaving as strong a mark there as in many other countries of Europe and in the United States. Can we have really found the salient message for 2017 in this insight?

- Michael Landwehr, pastor of Samedan and co-initiator of the brochure “Reliably Open”

Hospitable churches with open doors

Switzerland’s roughly 1200 church congregations do not lack for buildings – with one or more places for Christians to gather, they are “open” to the people. Some of these Protestant churches are even open during the week.

– Felix Frey

A federation of churches grows into a community of churches

The FSPC member churches want to strengthen their bond and their commitment to common goals and values.

– Esther Suter, Theologian and journalist BR SFJ/ASJ

Conference of European Churches (CEC) in Budapest

“And now what are you waiting for?” This quote from the Bible (Acts 22:14–16), originally addressed to Paul of Damascus, had been chosen by the Conference of European Churches (CEC) as the motto of their Assembly, held in Budapest June 3–8, 2013.

– Frank Mathwig

Between Healing and Salvation

Theology and medicine do not always get along very well. The disparagement of medical anatomists at the hands of church fathers Tertullian and Augustine had serious consequenc-es for the history of medicine in Europe. By now, the cards have been reshuffled.

– Hella Hoppe/Otto Schäfer

Ecumenical Sustainability Goals?

The UN Millennium Goals were the first successful attempt to provide concrete and binding goals for the international community to eliminate the most severe forms of hardship caused by economic, political and social factors. In 2015, the Millennium Goals will be replaced by universal Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in the context of a new Post-2015 Development Agenda.

– Martin Hirzel

10th Assembly of the World Council of Churches in Busan/South Korea

Since the founding event in Amsterdam in 1948, Assemblies are central moments in the life of the World Council of Churches (WCC), with roughly 350 member churches the most representative and diverse community of churches across the globe. The 10th WCC Assembly took place October 30 to November 8, 2013, in the South Korean seaport of Busan.