Bilateral and Multilateral Relations

In addition to its participation in denominational and ecumenical church associations in Europe, the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches (FSPC) also maintains a multitude of bilateral contacts with churches across the entire continent. Cooperation efforts include joint projects, agreements on common causes in church politics, the exchange of ideas and mutual visits at inner-church events.

The FSPC also attends the meetings of Latin church federations, thus participating in the network of the governing bodies of Protestant church federations of Latin origin, i.e., the Fédération Protestante de France, the Église protestante unie de Bélgique, the Federazione delle chiese evangeliche in Italia, the Federación de Entidades Religiosas Evangélicas de España, as well as the FSPC itself.

In detail, the FSPC maintains relations with the following churches, among others:

Germany Protestant Church in Germany EKD
Reformed Alliance in Germany
France Église Réformée de France
La Fédération Protestante de France
Union des Églises protestantes d’Alsace et de Lorraine
Italy Chiesa Evangelica Valdese
Federazione delle chiese evangeliche in Italia
Protestant-Lutheran Church in Italy
Austria Lutheran Protestant Church in Austria
Reformed Protestant Church in Austria
Scotland Church of Scotland
Netherlands Protestant Church in the Netherlands
Belgium Église protestante unie de Belgique ÉPUB
Czech Republic Protestant Church of the Bohemian Brethren
Hungary Reformed Church in Hungary