Community of Protestant Churches in Europe CPCE

The Community of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE) is the umbrella organization of Protestant churches in Europe. Its members include 107 Lutheran, Methodist, Reformed and United Churches from more than 30 European and South American countries. Overall, the CPCE represents roughly 50 million Protestants.

The CPCE exists due to the Leuenberg Concord from 1973. It states: churches are allowed to be different because the Gospel is their common basis. This simple-sounding statement had far-reaching consequences: Since that time, a Lutheran pastor may preach from a Reformed pulpit, and a French pastor may lead a parish in Germany.

The CPCE (which was called “Leuenberg Church Fellowship” until 2003) has a clear structure. Roughly every six years, the General Assembly decides on the key themes of its work. Between General Assembly meetings, the 13 representatives of the council, which is headed by a three-person presidium, are in charge of overseeing the work coordinated by the main office in Vienna. There is also a branch office in Brussels. The managing president of the CPCE is former FSPC Council President Rev. Dr. h.c. Thomas Wipf.