Religious Landscape - Reformed Church

Encounter Reformed Church culture and history

Would you like to know how the Reformation developed in Switzerland and what has become of it? We have put together a list of excursion destinations where you can experience Reformed Church culture and history.

In Zwingli’s footsteps

The main impetus for the Reformation in German-speaking Switzerland began with Huldrych Zwingli (1484 – 1531). Visit the house where he was born and a library with literature on the Reformists in Wildhaus. Or join the Zurich city tour entitled In Zwingli’s Footsteps.

Reformation Museum, Geneva

The International Reformation Museum offers an invitation to an inspirational cultural and historical visit, to interactive time-travel from the Reformation to the present day. Particular attention is paid to the life and legacy of John Calvin. Don’t miss making a detour to the Reformation Wall and the Cathedral of St. Pierre.

Sinnorama Winterthur

Smell the musty air in Noah’s Ark, packed full of animals. Touch fabrics, anointing oil and other objects. Taste freshly baked bread and herbs and listen to the sounds. Experience life at the time of the Reformation with all your senses: Sinnorama – experience the Bible!

Bibelweg (Bible Trail) Gerlafingen

The Bibelweg takes you on a walk from the year 2000 back to the time of Abraham. You hike through splendid scenery and nature reserves, along the romantic course of the River Emme. The 4 km Bibelweg begins in Gerlafingen, Canton Solothurn and leads to Schloss Landshut (castle) in Utzensdorf, Canton Bern.

Bibel-Veloweg (Bible Cycle Path) St. Gallen

Pedal pushers of all ages are invited to cycle from one panel to the next and discover the fascination of the Bible in a completely new way. 74 points throughout Canton St.Gallen offer Bible stories told in an exciting manner. They are illustrated with children’s drawings and have fascinating explanations.

Jakobsweg Schweiz (Route of St. James)

In earlier times, people went on pilgrimages to acquire indulgence or fulfil a solemn vow. They made pilgrimages to offer thanks or in the hope of wishes being granted. The Reformists were extremely critical of this attitude. Today, many people, including Reformists, walk pilgrims’ paths for other reasons. They want to escape the turmoil of everyday life and on their journey, find the way to simplicity, to themselves and to God.

Geschichtenweg (Story Trail)

Thought-provoking stories from the Bible as well as legends, poems and narratives by contemporary authors line the path from the Gottstatt Monastery along the Nidau-Büren canal and Seeweg (lakeside path) to Erlach. Information panels are placed at 500 m intervals. Historical information is also provided at places of particular significance.

Food for thought

I only recognize the truth when it awakens to life within me… (Søren Kierkegaard)