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Enjoy Reformed Church hospitality

Christian hospitality is part of daily life in the Reformed Church. If you are looking for a hotel run on Christian principles or a community with a religious orientation, you’ll find a list of selected contacts here:

Association of Christian Hotels

Fifty hotels and guest houses in Switzerland look forward to offering you a warm welcome.

Church educational establishments

The educational establishments belonging to the Reformed Church are also happy to offer accommodation, for example at Boldern and Kappel am Albis (both Canton Zurich), Crêt-Bérard (Canton Vaud), Leuenberg (Canton Basel), Centro Magliaso (Canton Ticino), Rüdlingen (Canton Schaffhausen), Rügel (Canton Aargau), Sonneblick Walzenhausen (Canton Aargau) and others.

Don Camillo Community

Whether you come as a guest or would like to live with us for a while – you are welcome in the Don Camillo Community.

Diakonissenhaus Riehen

Relax, unwind, catch your breath, seek tranquillity, find the way to experience God – something that for many is increasingly important in a world that has become strident and chaotic. As a community, the Diakonissenhaus Riehen offers hospitality and accompanies you on your path.


Is a small sisterhood within the Reformed Church that runs a “House of Tranquillity” with five guest rooms in the centre of the city of Basel.

Grandchamp - Sonnenhof

The Communauté, the sisterhood branch of the Community of Taizé invites all those in search of tranquillity, prayer and community to the Grandchamp (Canton Neuchâtel) or Sonnenhof (Canton Basel). An invitation is also extended to all who would like to stop and reflect for a while, who seek a listening ear and accompaniment on their path.

Steppenblüte, Grimmialp

The sisters of the Steppenblüte Community are delighted to pass on their wonderful experiences with Jesus in a joyful and reflective community, Bible studies and creative discussions. Grimmialp is in the Diemtigtal in the Bernese Oberland.

Zentrum Ländli

The Ländli Centre on Lake Aegeri in Canton Zug offers the ideal choice for your stay in Central Switzerland – regardless of whether you are looking for a holiday, seminar or spa hotel.

Food for thought

I first thought that prayer was speech. However I learned that prayer is not simply remaining silent, but listening. (Søren Kierkegaard)


We provide you with the necessary tips and information on how to arrange your holiday attractively. And while preparing, booking and travelling, also ensuring that the beautiful holiday landscapes are protected and that your hosts participate fairly in tourism.

The Working Group on Tourism and Development is the Swiss office concerned with the social, cultural, economic and ecological impacts of tourism on development. It informs the public and travellers and engages in critical discussion with tourism companies on just and fair relations in tourism.